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Mando Transcriptions

This page will be dedicated to mandolin transcriptions with both notation and tab where possible. These tunes will be notated as I learnt them and as I play them, due to the nature of traditional tunes this could be slightly different to how someone else plays or notates this. As this is mostly traditional tunes, I recommend learning them on whatever instrument is your main instrument as they are fun on any instrument.

Mandolin Transcriptions: Welcome

Mandolin Transcriptions

Swallowtail Jig

Notation and tab

This is a fun traditional Irish jig, I really like to play this at a fairly high tempo, but the tempo marking on the music should be a fairly good introduction to this style without being too challenging.

St.Anne's Reel

Notation, tab and accompaniment chords

This is another Irish one, but is also played in some bluegrass circles, if you want it to have more of an Irish lilt you can swing it a little more, if you're going for a bluegrass style I would play it with a straighter feel; however I am no expert in either style so play it however you want, it sounds good either way. Just like the last one I play this fast, but the tempo notated should be a good balance between difficulty and a good dance-able rhythm.

St.Anne's Reel - Chord Melody

Notation, tab and accompaniment chords

This is the same as St.Anne's Reel, but has the chord melody for the mandolin that I play also notated, it helps fill out the melody a little more and really helps to make this a good solo piece in my opinion.

The Kesh Jig

Notation and tab

This is another traditional Irish jig, I play this at a fairly high tempo, maybe a bit faster than notated. This isn't too challenging so another one I would say is in the realm of a beginner.
Fun fact, this tune is featured on the Titanic soundtrack, so if you were looking for 'that Irish song from Titanic' here it is.

The Kesh Jig - 'Chord Melody'

Notation and tab

This is the same as The Kesh Jig, but is a bit more filled out, this is not exactly a true chord melody but rather makes use of some open strings and a couple of drones to fill out the sound, a bit like a fiddle player would. I do not always play this tune this way, and would personally recommend using this as a starting point for a chord melody or just to start to branch out into 'filling out' a melody with open strings and a couple drones, this would be an easy case study for that style.

Vals efter Lasse i Lybe

Notation, tab and accompaniment chords

This is a fairly popular fiddle tune from Sweden. It's a waltz so I like to emphasise the one of each bar to make it pretty danceable. I have written this out as I play it, with the chords I use, this tune has also been transcribed by Magnus Zetterlund, however he plays this tune with slightly different chords to me. The rhythm I use for the chords is 1+2+3 with the accent on the one.

Vals efter Lasse i Lybe - Chord Melody

Notation, tab and accompaniment chords

This is a chord melody of Vals efter Lasse i Lybe, and is how I play the tune when playing solo, I like the way these inversions sound alongside the melody. If I were playing in a group I would likely play the version without the chord melody and use the accompaniment chords provided.

Mandolin Transcriptions: Files
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