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Updates, what am I working on?

Hi everybody!

This is an update post to let y'all know what's going on with the website and the (oft-neglected) YouTube channel. I'm currently working on making more mandolin transcriptions available, working on ways to fill out or add chord melody to traditional tune is a lot of fun to me. I try to make my transcriptions as accessible as possible so I always make sure I have just the melody notated as well, so I won't be uploading any variations or more filled out chord melodies without giving you just the basic tune. Accessibility in my transcriptions is also incredibly important to me and is why I leave the tab in, I much prefer writing and woking on transcriptions in just treble or bass clef as I find them easier to work in.

I'm also hoping to find a better way to capture audio for my YouTube channel, rather than just phone audio. I'm no video editor but I hope to add some production value to my videos and improve the quality. I'm also hoping to have a cameraperson soon (or at least someone to begrudgingly hold the phone for me)

I know that I don't really have a following, nor do many (if any) people visit my website, however I am always doing my best to try and get some traffic to my site, hopefully it will improve soon as I really want the resources I provide to be useful to people out there.

Thank Y'all For Yer Time.


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