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I am a session musician available for hire based in London. I specialise in bass of all kinds, anything you could want from a growling synthesizer all the way to an upright bass and everything in between including both fretted electric bass (4 and 5 string) and fretless electric bass. I specialise in rock and pop music, but will play anything. I am also available to play both guitar and mandolin, with a passion for mandolin folk music.

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Just who is rossdoesbass

I am a passionate musician, and have been since I first picked up a guitar aged just six. around the age of fourteen I bought my first bass and found true love, ever since then I've been holding down the low end. I have studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, England, studying a mixture of bass, guitar and songwriting. I currently study with Access Creative College in London. 
As well as a burning desire to make things shake with low end, I have a passion for English and Scandinavian folk music, which I study on the mandolin.

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Get in touch to inquire about availability and inquire about hiring me.

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